What’s next for you after graduation? Try a people-centered, team-oriented career that lets you work anywhere in the country, learn on the job, work your way up, enjoy regular hours, and earn bonuses — and may even offer rent discounts.

Residential property management (RPM) represents a thriving career field with hundreds of new openings every week for talented, creative individuals like you.

RPM Career Paths


Work with your hands in a job that keeps you engaged through a variety of tasks and challenges.

  • Stay on the go.
  • Help others.
  • Solve problems.
  • Learn new skills.

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Leasing and Community Management

Experience in sales and customer service, as well as organizational and leadership skills, transfer well to a position in leasing and community management. Here you’ll match people with the right housing for them and help communities run smoothly.

  • Work regular hours.
  • Recruit and assist residents.
  • Cultivate strong communities.
  • Lead a team.

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