RPM Careers Week

Collage of past RPM Careers Week submission photos

Each year, the residential property management (RPM) industry celebrates RPM Careers Week and recognizes its professionals through themed days, exciting challenges and the chance to win prizes.

Check out our winners from 2023 and 2022 below and stay tuned for more information about RPM Careers Week 2024!

RPM Careers Week 2023 Winners

Dream Team Monday

Nominator: Nicole Loria
Winners: Atlantic Marine Corps Communities

"Our community would not be what it is without these ladies. All of us come from a military background, which helps us to better understand our residents when they are faced with a difficult move or a deployed spouse.” — Nicole Loria, Assistant Community Manager, Atlantic Marine Corps Communities

Maintenance Tuesday

Nominator: Michele Swilley
Winner: Victor Gonzalez, Maintenance Supervisor, The Morgan Group

“Victor has a great rapport with his team and is highly respected by us all. He is a team player and will not hesitate to perform any duty that is needed for the good of the property.” — Michele Swilley, Senior Community Manager, The Morgan Group

Thank a Teammate Thursday

Nominator: Lisa North, CALP, Receptionist, 1st Lake Properties
Winner: Laura Perret, Administrative Assistant, 1st Lake Properties

“I love having Laura as a co-worker and a friend. She makes coming to work a lot more pleasurable. Work gets hectic, she cracks a joke and all the hectic chaos is gone.” — Lisa North, CALP, Receptionist, 1st Lake Properties, Inc.

Why I Love My RPM Career Friday

Winner: Tasha Payamps, NALP, ARM, Property Manager, Lake Arbor Towers

I love my career in RPM because you never know what the day may hold. The variety of people I meet every day varies, and it always challenges me to develop my communication and people skills. I enjoy seeing my residents smile when I've helped solve an issue or concern.” — Tasha Payamps, NALP, ARM, Property Manager, Lake Arbor Towers

RPM Careers Week 2022 Winners

Maintenance Monday

Nominator: Michelle Rojas
Winners: Reside Living Maintenance Team

"Roberto M., Edwin P., Gilbert C. (from left to right) — our very own superhero trio,” said Michelle. “It is no surprise that our residents praise our engineering team, as they are readily available to service request[s] and always greet [everyone] with a smile."

Thank a Teammate Tuesday

Nominator: Em Lao
Winner: Pascual Suarez From Cushman & Wakefield

"Without Pascual's efforts and team [player] mentality, our team would struggle to get the job done the way Pascual would,” Em said. “He plays a huge role on our team and impacts each and every one of us every day."

Celebrate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Thursday

Winner: Doris Granger and Team
From Asset Living

“Diverse voices and perspectives make my RPM community great because it fosters a culture of respect, commitment and inclusiveness,” said Doris.

Why I Love My RPM Career Friday

Winner: Sylvia Alvarado From South Oxford

“I love my RPM career because of how wonderful it is to help someone find their perfect home!” said Sylvia. “As a Latina woman, it is especially important for me to help the Latino community. [W]hether it is understanding their lease, taking the time to explain the process and allowing them to feel comfortable speaking their primary language, or … understanding and being able to meet their needs, [it] brings me joy and pride in being an RPM [professional]."