Apartment communities don’t run themselves. It takes a team of talented, creative, and passionate people to recruit residents, take care of their needs, ensure that everything in their homes works properly, and make the community a welcoming place — all while keeping things on track financially.

That’s where residential property management (RPM) comes in. Across the U.S., millions of employees are working as a team to make these communities successful, and thousands of new workers are hired each month. These include:

Demand for apartments — and for the jobs to support those communities — is growing rapidly. Find the information, resources, and tools you need to get started in an exciting and rewarding RPM career by learning more about:

The industry supports


million jobs nationwide.

There will be demand for an additional


million new apartment homes by 2030, requiring new talent to manage and maintain them.

The industry creates an estimated


new property management jobs each year.

Why Choose RPM?

Explore the many reasons why residential property management may be the best career choice for you.