Comprehensive Benefits Career Growth Job Security Full-Time, Year-Round Work Job Mobility Competitive Salaries People-Centered Atmosphere

Comprehensive Benefits

Take time off. Pay less for rent and tuition. Know that your health needs are covered and that you can start saving for the future. RPM jobs provide:

* The availability and extent of this benefit depends on the position, company, and location.

Career Growth

Join a robust, dynamic industry that values professional development and gives employees many opportunities to move up. RPM companies offer ongoing training and certifications — sometimes even tuition assistance — and tend to promote from within.

Typical career paths include:


  1. Maintenance technician
  2. Maintenance supervisor
  3. Regional maintenance manager


  1. Leasing consultant
  2. Leasing manager
  3. Regional marketing manager or assistant community manager

Community Management

  1. Assistant community manager
  2. Community manager
  3. Regional community manager

Job Security

The demand for rental housing — and for talented people to maintain, manage, and build these communities — is on the rise nationwide because of population growth, immigration, and changing lifestyle preferences. And the industry generally is recession-proof, because in an economic downturn the demand for rental housing typically grows even higher as an alternative to buying a home.

Full-Time, Year-Round Work

Work without fear of layoffs or the paycheck gaps caused by seasonal fluctuations or other work lulls. Whether in maintenance, leasing, or community management, the variety of year-round needs in a residential rental community means you’ll always have work. And RPM jobs provide regular and predictable hours.

Job Mobility

Wherever you move, you’ll find apartments — and RPM jobs. Your skills and experience will easily transfer to jobs in other communities, and demand for rental housing is growing nationally.

Competitive Salaries

You’ll be rewarded for your knowledge and experience, no matter which career path you choose.    

Source: CEL & Associates 2017 Real Estate Compensation Survey; exact salaries depend on geographic location, relevant experience, and company policy.

People-Centered Atmosphere

People and interpersonal relationships are at the heart of every RPM career. You’ll enjoy interacting with and helping residents, building a community, working in a team environment, and creating partnerships with suppliers.