Do you get energy from helping others and working with people? If so, leasing and community management could be the residential property management (RPM) career field for you.

Working as part of a close-knit team, you’ll help build and nurture friendly, welcoming communities. RPM companies reward talent and hard work, so over time you can move up to regional community manager and oversee a real estate portfolio!

Leasing Consultant

Experience in retail, hospitality, or other jobs that involve customer service can be helpful.

Community Manager or Assistant Community Manager

Experience in bookkeeping, accounting, data administration, or customer service can be helpful.

Leasing Consultant
Annual Base Salary Range*
Entry Level: $29,000–$37,600
Experienced: $38,600–$54,600
Regional Marketing Director: $75,400–$101,900

Additional Earnings*
Bonus Pay: 17.4–25.3 percent of salary

Assistant Community Manager
Annual Base Salary Range*
Entry Level: $36,300–$48,000

Additional Earnings*
Bonus Pay: 12.8 percent of salary

Community Manager
Annual Base Salary Range*
Entry Level (<150 units): $41,100–$55,600
Experienced (150–300 units): $51,200–$67,700
Regional Manager: $96,300–$132,500

Additional Earnings*
Bonus Pay: 15.0–18.9 percent of salary

Housing Benefits
For all positions, some employers offer rent reductions of 20 percent or more.

* Source: CEL & Associates 2017 Real Estate Compensation Survey. These salary ranges are not reflective of every market and may be higher or lower depending on geographic area and employer.

RPM Career Options: Leasing Consultant

For people with customer service experience, working as a leasing consultant is a great entry point to residential property management (RPM). Discover what makes a great leasing consultant and why the job is so rewarding.