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Shannon Tutor

Community Manager

Beacon Property Management

 Paducah, Ky.

Get started wherever you can get a position and take every opportunity to learn.. Working in the RPM industry is extremely rewarding! Read about my RPM story here!

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Daniel Esquer, CAM

Junior Regional/Marketing Coordinator

Wells Asset Management Inc.

 Dallas, Tx.

The RPM industry is always evolving, which makes it hard to get bored. This job can literally take you anywhere because it is everywhere. Read about my RPM story here!

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Sarah Southerland

Account Executive

 Virginia Beach, Va.

RPM is a stable, growing industry where RPM professionals are able to positively impact the lives of others on a daily basis.

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Lisa Delgado, CAPS

Director of Multifamily

Boyd/Wilson Property Management

 Lancaster, Pa.

Network, network, network! Get involved in the local, state, and national apartment associations, and find an RPM mentor.

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Thomas Baird, CAM, CAMT

Senior Service Manager

Winthrop Management

 Houston, Texas

I started in RPM as a groundskeeper. Now I’m a senior service manager! My advice to someone who is just starting out in a maintenance position is to get involved and learn the industry.

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Darcy Bixby

Regional Director

Westdale Asset Management

 Dallas, Texas

I recommend becoming active in apartment associations when you join the RPM industry. It changed my career for the better.  You meet people and get the opportunity to voice your opinion and also give back.

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Samantha Anne Freeman

Regional Property Manager

United Apartment Group

 Austin, Texas

My Job is my passion! I love solving problems and providing people with a home, which is such a valuable piece of their life.

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Jada Muriel-Hepburn

Area Manager

Integral Property Management

 Atlanta, Ga.

I love the personal and professional satisfaction I get when I’m able to help people find comfort in their home. Read about my RPM Story here!

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Nathan Borne

Property Manager

RealSource Management

 Winston-Salem, N.C.

If you enjoy helping people find homes and you want to run a business that generates a return, RPM is an incredible career. Read about my RPM story here!

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