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Job Readiness Training with CYDC Interns--The Country's Oldest Orphanage


4775 Apartment Blvd.
North Charleston, SC 29418
Charleston Apt Association/Darby Development/Brackenbrook Apartments
Event Date: 
Saturday, April 15, 2017 - 09:00
Event Description: 

We have a 4-6 week program (beginning in March) with the CYDC, the country's oldest orphanage, to deliver a job preparation program for their participants. We have created a learning workbook for them (extrapolated from our Assistant Manager Learning Workbooks), and anticipate each participant will work 40 hours with our site teams—on Saturdays primarily. The CYDC staff is our partner in this endeavor, and it is being treated by them as if their interns were being hired by us. There is a compensation component, a training component and a work component--hopefully resulting in a positive and professional experience the participants can even rely upon for references in the future.


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