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Retail vs. RPM

Frustrated with the unpredictable hours, repetitive tasks, and the loss of at least one major holiday at home with your family that comes with retail sales? Many of the skills obtained in a retail sales associate position are directly transferable to a career in residential property management.

Do you enjoy helping people find what they’re looking for? Consider a career as a leasing consultant. Do you have a knack for managing operations and enjoy maintaining the store’s appearance? Consider the maintenance technician position. Are you good at ensuring customer satisfaction and leading staff? You should consider community management.

Retail Industry

vsResidential Property Management

Regular, full-time hours
Benefits package
Reduced rent*
Competitive salary
Career growth/stability
Performance bonuses*
Have a daily impact on your customers’ quality of life
Lower hourly wage/reliance on tips
Ongoing educational opportunities
Late nights/irregular hours
Opportunity to build long-term relationships with customers
On your feet all day
Work many nights, weekends and/or holidays
Opportunity to get to know customers and families personally and interact with them daily

The Benefits of Working
in Residential Property Management


In addition to higher than average salaries, careers in residential property management offer health insurance including medical, prescription drug, dental, and vision coverage; paid holidays.

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Careers in residential property management offer many possibilities and the opportunity for lifelong learning and career development. 

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Growing Industry

There has never been a better time to start a career in residential property management (RPM).

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Team Environment

Working in a team atmosphere allows you to build strong relationships with co-workers while developing your leadership abilities.

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Working With People

No matter the career path, interpersonal relationships are essential in the apartment industry. Your interactions will range from your colleagues and residents to suppliers.

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